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USMLE Step 1 Bootcamp: Guaranteed Success with 100% Passing Rate"

USMLE Step 1 Bootcamp: Guaranteed Success with 100% Passing Rate"

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Bootcamp USMLE Step 1


- Ace Me School and Pass USMLE Step 1; Start from Scratch 100% Passing Guaranteed Course


Bootcamp Content


- ✔️ 6 months Access to the content

- ✔️ 3 months Tutoring [ 3 sessions per week ] [Recalls of USMLE Step 1 Covered All] 

- ✔️ Access to the All Recalls [ along with updates till exam date ]

- ✔️ 10000 Recall Questions with Latest updates at the start

- ✔️ 10000 solved Recalls with Explanations, charts, and diagrams

- ✔️ Systematic Coverage of all Recalls in Tutoring sessions

- ✔️ NBME Assessment Guidance

- ✔️ Noted Uworld

- ✔️ Offline Uworld

- ✔️ Step 1 Notes By mcatpromax




1.How can I register?

Simply buy the package, and during checkout, provide your Name and Email Address properly.

2.Is it one-time Payment?

Yes, it is a one-time payment with 6 months access to the content.

3.How can I set up my discount?

- Use discount code on checkout [ BootcampStep1 ]

4.Does Step 1 Bootcamp have a pass guarantee?- Yes! My Med School Bootcamp 6 months course comes with a pass guarantee. Conditions apply.

"Rest assured, our 6-month Med School Bootcamp for USMLE Step 1 includes a pass guarantee. Here's the breakdown:


1. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in an accredited medical program in the US or Canada.

2. If you happen to fail Step 1, we'll refund your membership purchase.

3. Ensure you meet these criteria:

   - Purchase the Med School Bootcamp at least 3 months before your exam date.

   - Complete and review all the course content.

   - Provide documentation of your attempt failure and the name of your accredited medical program.

Your success is our commitment.

5.How can I contact you?

Leave an email at


6.How Tutoring Works? 


- Tutoring comes with three sessions per week. One session lasts one hour, spanning three months, covering all Step 1 modules.

- Preferred time zone: EST evenings

- All sessions through Google Meet, using an iPad with Apple Pencil for proper visualization of the screen.

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