Collection: Step 3 Recalls 2023

 -Step 3 is a two-day exam with multiple-choice questions on both days.
- Pass both days and both MCQ and cases to pass Step 3.
- Cases on Day 2 are challenging, but grading is unclear.
- Resources: UWorld and CCS Cases are recommended.
- Recalls available for Day 2, Step 3.
- Scheduling: Aim for 2 weeks to prepare. Consider scheduling during electives.
- MCQ: Day 1 has 8 blocks, mix of straightforward and difficult questions.
- CCS: Practice and numerical feedback with CCS Cases.
- IT SCARS mnemonic for end-of-visit requirements.
- Prepare with UWorld, biostatistics, drug advertisements, and CCS Cases to pass.

STEP 3 RECALL Mega Package 2023 ( 130 Files for both day of exam )

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Recalls refer to collections of questions and scenarios that are remembered and written down by fresh exam takers for the benefit of other students preparing for similar exams. These recalls are considered to be the backbone of Step 1,  Step 2CK  and Step3 exams. They hold significant importance because they have a high likelihood of appearing again in subsequent exams, with approximately 90% chances of getting repeated.

Fresh exam takers recall the questions they encountered during their exams, along with the scenarios presented, and compile them into recall files. These files can sometimes contain the exact same questions and scenarios that other students might face in their exams. This repetition of questions offers an advantage to those who have access to the recall files, as they can familiarize themselves with the types of questions likely to be asked.

For students preparing for their exams, solving these recall questions about two weeks before their actual exam date can be particularly helpful. It allows them to practice and revise with a higher possibility of encountering similar questions during their test, giving them an opportunity to improve their understanding and performance.


1. These are collections of questions from fresh exam takers.

2. 90% chances of getting repeat questions 

3. Exact same questions with same format 

4. Recalls should be practiced at least two times before the exam. 

5. By Using Recalls of Step 3 you can easily Pass your exam.