3 Key Classes to Take Before the MCAT

3 Key Classes to Take Before the MCAT

It's critical to comprehend how your pre-med coursework will contribute to your accomplishment in pre-med, even if medical schools differ in what pre-med classes they require and which ones they merely suggest. You are evaluated on more than simply your capacity to recall a large number of scientific information on the MCAT. It anticipates that you will be able to use your experience in science to provide rational answers to difficult queries. For this reason, you will be more prepared for the MCAT if your science background is greater.

A lot of students ponder whether they must take a particular pre-med course before taking the MCAT. In actuality, there is no requirement for coursework prior to taking the MCAT. But in order to develop a strong science foundation before taking the MCAT, I strongly advise that you enroll in as many pre-med classes as you can. Even if a particular science course doesn't expressly cover a lot of MCAT material, it might still be helpful for developing your scientific reasoning abilities.  

Although a good rule of thumb is to finish all your pre-med classes before taking the MCAT, I would make sure to pay special attention to these three classes in order of priority:

  1. Biochemistry — Many top MCAT scorers report that Biochemistry is heavily tested on the new 2022 MCAT. You will want to take careful notes during this class, making sure to really master the metabolic pathways. here is our notes which can help you to boost your GPA in college as well as MCAT score. i) Biochemistry in a nutshell notes ii) Detailed Biochemistry notes
  2. Physiology---The MCAT tries to know if you can apply the fundamental sciences (such as physics, chemistry, etc.) to the context of the human body. When applied to a practical setting, abstract concepts like pressure and resistance take on a completely new meaning in the study of physiology.
  3. Biology — The MCAT loves to see if you understand the dogma of molecular biology (DNA to RNA to Protein). My professor really pushed us to understand experimental protocols relating to this topic which helped immensely on the MCAT’s dense science passages. here is our Biology Notes.
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